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CLIPS executables, documentation, and source code are available for download from

Questions regarding CLIPS can be sent via electronic mail to

An electronic conferencing facility, sponsored by Distributed Computing Systems (, is also available to CLIPS users. Subscribers to this facility may send questions, observations, answers, editorials, etc., in the form of electronic mail to the conference. All subscribers will have a copy of these messages reflected back to them at their respective electronic mail addresses. To subscribe, send a single line message to containing the word "subscribe". The subject field is ignored but the address found in the ‘Reply:‚, ‘Reply to:‚, or ‘From:‚ field will be entered in the distribution list. Upon subscription you will receive a mail message instructing you how to participate in the conference from that point forward. Save this mail message. You may need the instructions later if you wish to unsubscribe from the list server.

To send your own messages to members of the conference you need simply address your mail to Your message will be reflected to all other members of the conference.

If you wish to remove yourself from the conference and discontinue receiving mail simply send a message to with "unsubscribe" as the message text. If you want to unsubscribe using another email account than the one you subscribed with, then append the original subscribing email account to the text of the message. For example: "unsubscribe". Do not send unsubscribe messages to! This sends a mail message to every member of the list. If you need to get in contact with the list administrator (for trouble unsubscribing or other questions about the list), send email to clips-owner

Intelligent Software Professionals has made available the CLIPS-LIST archive, a WWW-based full text searchable archive containing over two years of question and answers directed to the CLIPS List Server. It can be accessed at the URL

A CLIPS World Wide Web page can be accessed using the URL

Usenet users can also find information and post questions about CLIPS to the news group.

The CLIPS Developers' Forum, a thread-based message board, is available at This board exists to provide a site for discussion of research, development, and implementation of the CLIPS expert systems and related technologies. The hosting services for this web page are provided by CPB, Inc. Questions pertaining to this forum can be sent to

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